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C. Birdfinger's Turn On I.D.'s

All forms of I.D.'s have to go away like the DoDo bird. The Dodo bird is now extinct and the world still turns on its axis. A man can now say he is a woman and a woman can say she is a man and nobody even says "huh" anymore. You can change your gender just by saying it.

We, "no, the gov-ment" is letting people into this country and we have no idea who they are. They are who they say they are. They are as old as they say they are. They are from the country they say they are from.

The gov-ments of the states are letting people vote that no one knows who they are where they are from - what city, what county, what state, or how many times they have voted.

From the birdhouse of Birdfinger: if you don't need an I.D. to enter this country and you don't need an I.D. to vote then why the hell do we need a driver's license? Why do we need a tag? Let's get them on the road to the Dodo bird - then we can make a U-turn and do away with finger prints, D.N.A. profiles, background checks, birth certificates, school diplomas and that old man or woman title. Hello, Dodo-crats!

Does that mean there will be no more murder as long as the killer identifies as God?

No more rapes as long as the rapist identifies as the lover?

No more robberies as long as the robber identifies as the owner of the loot?

No more schools and colleges as long as anyone can identify as a graduate?

No more home and land ownership as long as anyone can identify as the owner?

No more United States of America since borders cannot be identified as borders?

When will it become illegal for anyone earning under four hundred thousand a year to have a fence - locking doors, locking windows, or wall around their home? You don't see the Birdfinger until it's too late.

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