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Hey Fatty!

You're looking for that needle in the elusive haystack before the imaginary straw breaks the camel's back. Well, you found it! This exercise D.V.D. will do absolutely nothing for your fat ass, but - butt - it will put $99.00 in my pocket. Then you'll feel better knowing that I will be able to eat healthier food than you. I'll wear nicer clothes than you, drive a better car than you, take more extravagant vacations than you, and live in a better house than you. Now get up off your lazy fat ass and send me 99 dollars of your hard earned money so I can live the good life. While you're at it, send a little extra so I can afford some of them better looking ho's. You know, some of the finer things in life. That way, I won't have to deprive my sweet, loving wife of her cut.

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